Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Did It: 40,000 Meal Packaged for At Risk Children in Sierra Leone

The food assembly was an awesome gift. Despite snow showers throughout the day, over 200 people came together to package lentils, spice, chicken and rice for at risk children in Sierra Leone that won't eat otherwise. We got to see a video of the children eating their lentils, spice, chicken and rice and it was delightful to see how they were enjoying what they were eating!

We enjoyed the lentils, spice, chicken and rice too! After we finished up all the packing, we transformed our work tables into a table for the meal. Off came the equipment, on came the tablecloth, everyone grabbed a chair, literally, and we enjoyed the stew!

espite putting together 40,000 meals tonight, our missio isn't finished. On Sunday, December 12th we are going to three area food banks to bring checks and prayers to bless their work in feeding hungry people. The overflow of funds from tonight will be divided for the 3 food banks so they can buy what they need.

Thanks, Children of the Nations, for your valuable kingdom partnership with Missio Lux!

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