Sunday, November 7, 2010

Off to Learning Community

In just a few minutes, a team of five of us will pile in a car and go to the airport to fly to South Carolina for the 3dm Learning Community.

This will be our last trip for the 2 year commitment we made. As I think about what has taken place since we started; I can only celebrate how God directed us to make this a priority for Missio Lux.

We have started huddle which is our process for intentionally learning to walk the lifestyle of Jesus.

We have Missio Lux Celebration Dinners

We continually know that prayer is the key to everything we do

We understand that ministry in the authentic atmosphere of the home can be lifechanging.

Last night we had our monthly Celebration Dinner. It was pouring rain but even so people kept coming and coming--soaked but anticipating how we were going to experience God's presence with good food, good fun and lively and connected conversation.

Before we ate, I asked people to share what they were thankful for: we moved through the room, young and old spoke about how they were seeing Jesus moving in their lives. It was natural, real and authentic.

Well, time to go. I'll let you know what happens on this adventure!

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