Friday, November 19, 2010

Healing Prayer Training: a Red Hot Center

Healing Prayer is increasingly becoming a Red Hot Center where God's presence is real and calling people to a deeper relationship with himself.

We held our first of three weekend trainings this past weekend. People walked through the door in eager expectation of what they were to learn about God and healing. We were so excited about a group of 12 that came from Mt. Vernon, almost 2 hours north of Seattle. They came because they saw what happened to the woman who came to last year's training; she had a huge breakthrough in her faith as well as experiencing a significant healing in her body which resulted in a surgery being cancelled at the last minute because the problem area had disappeared.

When God was calling me to start Missio Lux, he showed me that healing would be one of the most significant ways that unbelieving people would come to know how much he loves them and wants to be in relationship with them.

I have seen glimpses of this, but also realize that praying for healing is one of the ways that the Body of Christ comes alive. I like to say, "Living Kingdom is living Revival!" When we are following the call of the King to partner with him to bring kingdom to earth, our faith is increased through taking big risks where the King shows us and shows off.

The King showed off at the training. We were studying the different ways that Jesus heals so we would be clear that there is no formula to healing and calling people up who were willing to be prayed for in the same ways.

First, we laid hands on a woman's heart which was beating very irregularly. It was also affecting her breath. She felt her body come into a place of great peace.

Next we spoke to a woman who had a challenged elbow. She began to move freely back and forth after the prayer.

We followed Jesus' example of praying for a deaf man by putting our fingers in his ears. Our nearly deaf friend said his ears were popping all afternoon as he felt movement in them.

We asked for those that had sight issues as we studied how Jesus prayed for a blind man by spitting on his fingers and putting them on his eyes. We had two brave volunteers who put their hands over their eyes and I put my fingers with spit on them on their hands. One woman said that instantly the cars in the parking lot came a lot clearer.

I am looking forward to our Healing Prayer Worship Service Tuesday as we lean into the desire more and more to develop a significant RED HOT CENTER where people can meet, experience and be healed by God the Consuming Fire!

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