Monday, November 15, 2010

Experiences at the Learning Community with 3dm

The hour? 5:30 a.m. Here is our team of 5 ready to board a flight to South Carolina to spend several days with some of our favorite friends: 3dm!
The Learning Community has been an invaluable help to Missio Lux as we develop a structure of discipleship that fits with our mission, vision and values.
The theme for our fourth Learning Community was "Developing Missional Sites." The idea behind this is to have Red Hot Centers where the fire of God is alive and burning! This comes from the 3 p's: Passionate Praise, Prayer and Prophecy: hearing God's communication in our lives and sharing it with others.
The Red Hot Centers can then develop into posts of mission through missional community, while the center structure supports the administrative needs: finances, communication, training and development, governance. This frees the missional posts to be fully focused on living their vision and impacting the world with Jesus' love.
My favorite moment of all 4 Learning Communities was when the whole team of 5 of us came to the same conclusion at once. We were in an envisioning stage when we realized that we already have Red Hot Centers happening in 5 different places: South Korea, Kenya/Sudan, Holland, Colorado and Seattle. We also have all the mechanisms to develop regional missional sites through 3dm: huddle, coaching, missional community and missional outposts!
We determined to start five regional missional outposts in the next 5 years. It was a holy moment as we realized that God has been strategically leading us even when we didn't see the whole picture.
Please pray for us as we seek to develop the solid core infastructure in Seattle as well as expanding our Red Hot Centers here so the flames can move out to start fires of God in many other places around the world.

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