Saturday, November 20, 2010

How a Child's Lunch turns into 40,000 Meals

Tomorrow Missio Lux is hosting a Food Packaging Missio, by partnering with Children of the Nations. This is a fun, but impactful opportunity for families, neighborhoods, sports teams, service clubs and missio communities to come together to package meals for the least of the least children in Sierra Leone. Each meal provides a perfect protein with exact nutritional support for the children to grow up as their bodies are meant to grow.

Amazingly, our small start of change in banks, (the child's lunch) has turned into 40,000 meals already donated.

How did this happen? Good question, I would love to answer it!

Missio Lux has a unique financial structure. We live sacrificially by not renting a building, paying staff salaries, or investing in programs, but instead free up 75% of the funds for each missio community to live out their missio purpose.

When we decided to host this missio, we asked the different missio communities if they would like to contribute something towards the food assembly. This would give them the opportunity to freely ask guests to come without worrying if they would contribute to the funds to purchase the 40,000 meals.

I guess I expected a few hundred here or there, but instead the missio communities donated so generously that we came within a few hundred dollars of our $10,000 goal!

It has created an overflow of funds so that we hope to be able to give at least $1,000 each to three area food banks so help stock their shelves, thereby creating a GLOCAL (global and local) opportunity to extend lavish generousity.

Our friend Fraser from COTNI (Children of the Nations) asked me a couple of weeks ago how our fund raising was going, and it made me almost tearful with joy to be able to tell him that we had raised close to our full goal, and would most certainly have it by our start date!

We have it and much more.

I hope you can stop by tomorrow (or if you are reading this from afar--check out our videos in a couple of weeks) to see how God multiplied a child's lunch into a meal for thousands of hungry children in Sierra Leone and in our own community.

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