Thursday, November 4, 2010

Glimpses of Huddle

Huddle is my favorite time of the week. Everyone walks in the door expectant because we are gathering to intentionally posture ourselves to learn how to walk like Jesus. Every time he teaches us something new, and we walk out the door stronger and more ready to face the day.

Tonight I asked the question of the huddlers of how they were living in the Covenant relationship with Heavenly Father and then in turn bringing his kingdom to earth, just as the Lord's Prayer teaches us: "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

The stories thrilled me and amazed me; I hope they do you too!

One woman started and she spoke of being on the playground with the second grade boys. They were fighting and came over to her and wanted her to pick whose side was right. Instead she looked them in the eye and told them they needed to watch out for each other because they were brothers. She saw their stature go up and one said, "Like being in an army?" and she said, "Yes, protect one another." When they left, she smiled because she knew the atmsophere had changed because Jesus' love had been released.

Another spoke of being able to pray for her patients while she touches them as a physical therapist. She prays quietly and releases the love of Jesus and Holy Spirit's healing power over each one, bringing heaven to earth.

Another woman and her family just invited an 18 year old girl who has been abandoned by everyone in her life to live with them. They are preparing to make full room in their home and their hearts as they love this orphaned girl with open arms.

Another sees Facebook as her best way of opening valuable dialogue with those in her life that have hung back....but now the conversations are taking place and closed heart doors are being opened.

Everyone's favorite story came from Rosemary. She and her husband were out celebrating their 30th anniversary when a group of young adults came in and were being very vulgar with their loud conversation. When Rosemary and her husband were leaving, Rosemary walked over to their table and told them that she wanted to bless them and how could she pray for them? One girl said that she had always wanted to know God and Rosemary was able to pray for her to meet him. One by one she went around the table and prayed for each one of these confused teens. When she left, one of them said, "Wow. What was that?"

That was a touch of heaven. When Rosemary went to bless, the heavens parted and God's presence came and loved each one of his children, his created ones.

These are ways that Missio Lux is living out our Covenant Relationship with Our Loving Father and participating with him to bring his Kingdom to earth. It's not really that difficult when we are loved so well by him.

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