Friday, September 11, 2009

Reflections on 9/11 for America

Eight years ago the world changed. America had never been attacked on its own soil before in the 48 states (the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor during 2nd World War.)

This created a change for us as Americans, but even more than this reality is the shift that took place for where focus went for the world.

Before 9/11 the focus was very much on the US as an economic leader, on Europe as they developed the European Union, on China as it became more of a trade leader, and Japan as their cars dominated the market.

The Middle East was barely a blimp on the screen.

Today, it consumes a huge part of the world attention.

The US went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Awareness of the Muslim lifestyle rose to the top. The Islamic faith came out into the open as a world religion. The fighting between countries is now known by large amounts of people. We can't open the newspaper or read the internet without several major stories about the Middle East being included.

Today is significant because this is the last 9/11 of this decade.

I find it rather incredible how much our world has changed from the shift to focus on the Middle East and the rapidly increasing technology development.

I wonder, then, what will the new decade of the 2010's bring?

How will our faith as Jesus' followers be challenged?

How will our lifestyle of seeking to live Jesus' way change as we contextulize for the 2010's?

How will the ability to know instantly what takes place around the world continue to challenge us and cause us to live as global citizens?

Today I reflect on a day that changed us all. Some of it is very positive and needed to happen.
some of it is incredibly painful and still hurts when we bump up against the wounds.

But, in all of it, I remember that God is sovereign. He is active with us in the big and small things of our lives and countries. He has given us a way to walk through every challenge as we follow the life of his Son, Jesus Christ.

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