Friday, September 18, 2009

God's Heart Beats

Our Annual Kickoff training starts tonight and as I was thinking through my part, I began to think through all the dreams I have heard spoken this week from people with whom I have shared a conversation about God's heart.

One woman is going through the important move from an external life of faith to an internal shift of knowing how deeply she is loved by God and how important his purpose is in her life. She shared a deep desire to know her neighbors and to call them together to do something of great purpose in Africa.

Another spoke their desire to gather people together in a big friendly house with a giant backyard where their dogs could play, creating community as they purposed together to go into the places where the sick and forgotten live so that they ,too, could experience the love of a loyal dog nuzzling up next to them, and a friendly face to smile at them.

Another spoke of his dream of people all coming together from the Latino community to mobilize so that their youth would be mentored, challenged and loved into God's family.

Another spoke of her dream of people coming together to learn much from Jesus, especially how to pray for healing so that people get healed supernaturally.

The dreams are all different but they all come from the same place: that secret place that God put within all of us that cry out to have a place of meaning and purpose in the world. As we discover it and begin to walk it out, we realize that our heart feels different. It doesn't feel dull and sluggish any longer, it feels alive and beating as we realize that God's heart replaces our heart and it beats in us.

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ronald kyobe said...

God's Heart is Towards the Disprivileged

God's heart is towards the disprivileged. When one gives to the poor, he lends to the Lord.This particularly goes goes to the dream of helping people in Africa and other parts of the world.

God said that the poor would never be forgotten. Please join me and the Uganda Children's Burden Centre in prayer for the poor, homeless, orphans, and widows of the world.

When you have a chance, make a small difference. It will be BIG in God's heart!

Bro Ronald kyobe