Thursday, September 10, 2009

Experience at the 3dministries Learning Community

We are all packed up and ready to go. Bill, my husband and I, have been in Pawley's Island, South Carolina for the 3dministries Learning Community that Missio Lux joined last April.

The Learning Community is a relational way to gather as each of us seeks to become the leader and disciple that Jesus calls us to become.

And, relational, it has been. It started out by us coming to the address that we were given, only to discover that four houses were on the property for the address. It was also pitch dark! We finally found the right house and was greeted happily by Wenda, a wonderful woman from Omaha. We were invited to hang out on the deck, so out we went, speaking to people we had never met before -- in the pitch dark, but also being lulled to relaxation by the sound of the ocean.

Going to bed was also interesting. We had single beds that Bill's feet hung way over the end. We didn't have towels either, but that was okay as the shower seemed to have been built before electricity or piped water existed! Actually, all these sacrifices have been more than worth it as we have direct access to one of the finest beaches I have ever set my toes in, and our housemates, once we recognized them in the light, have been delightful.

It's been an interesting journey being the first senior woman pastor to attend a Learning Community. Bill and I found our places in the gender specific huddles rather challenging as we both had a hard time relating to our huddle, as their challenges were more our spouses challenges, rather than our own.

I am so glad to have found 3dministries, however, because in them I have found kindred spirits in terms of the desire to live Jesus' lifestyles that look like his (contextulized for the 21st century), focus on relationships, training on leadership, and missional community structure.

So. we leave in just a few hours, but not until we go for the final session. My experience in the past two Learning Communities is that the last time of being together is one of great spiritual connection and impartation. I look forward to it as I return to Seattle and begin Missio Lux' second ministry year. I anticipate that Jesus is going to do amazing things amongst us as we seek to follow his leadership and model for life.

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