Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arbors Missio Community Meets

We spent our summer doing fun things getting to know one another better. We went camping, we played on the lake, we hung out at one another's houses, and we held a Children of the Nations Food Assembly. We made the most out of our summer of abiding.

Tonight we started our regular schedule up again. It felt good to be all together and to open our Bibles to discover how Jesus is calling us to live as his followers.

We started out by making up skits (combo of children and adults) from Luke 5: Jesus' call to Peter and Andrew after they caught the biggest catch of their life: to move from catching fish to catching people!

The story of the Paralytic and his friends, who were desperate enough to meet Jesus that they dug a hole in the roof of someone they did not know. Jesus couldn't miss the paralytic dropping right in front of them: he went all out: healing his sins and then his body.

Then the children went off to learn at their level with Miss Barbara, who developed the curriculum from Luke 5 through 10: the different places of Jesus calling, equipping and sending.

The adults hung out in our backyard studying the passages. We had a fascinating discussion; I learned much from the different viewpoints represented. It felt good not to be the one leading, but to be a learner along with everyone else.

The, of course, dinner! The children are all different ages but they love to be together and get along well. It always amazes me how long we can linger over dinner, as the time rushes by.

I am glad to be started once is a gift to discover how to be in community as we follow Jesus' call to BE the Church to one another and the world.

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