Thursday, September 3, 2009

Huddle Launch

Tonight was our first huddle launch for this new ministry year. Huddle is our leadership equipping structure and our biggest huddle involves the missio community catalysts.

About half were missing due to it being the first week of school, but the other half who were able to come experienced me dropping the plans I had so we could fully devote our time to prayer.

There was a lot to cover, a re-orienting time for where we are going to go this year. But, after a time of reflection on our season of abiding this summer, I knew that the best way we could go for the evening was to lay down our plans and go to prayer, committing our year to Jesus.

We started by praising God for who he is, and then moved to thanking him for who he says we are as his family. We thanked him for answered prayers and promises he has given to us. We moved to Scriptures that had spoken to us through the summer, and then we pressed in for what we desired to see God do in Missio Lux.

At one point, we stopped to pray for one man who has a demanding job on the graveyard shift. We asked God to right his hours and then to heal his body. Love flowed from each person who prayed for his healing.

We continued to bring our missio communities to Jesus, stating our dreams for them and asking God to give us bigger faith for what we wanted him to do. We continued to pray for the Celebration, asking for the Lord to give us his presence in each one and to bring us into a deep place of worship.

We ended, as we always do, with communion. We like to remember that Jesus told his disciples that "he eagerly desired to spend this meal with them." We like that, it reminds us that Jesus feels that way about us too!

Then we bless. We intentionally pick out one person to give a blessing--so that everyone leaves feeling loved and known. Sometimes we bless several people because we are filled so we can build one another up.

It was a good night. I am going to bed happy for how Jesus led us tonight.

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