Saturday, September 5, 2009

Leaving for the Learning Community with 3dMinistries

Bill and I are hopping on a very early morning plane tomorrow and going to South Carolina with the Learning Community with 3dministries.

This is a time for senior leaders and their spouses to come and build relationships with others from the Learning Community as well as with each other. It is a privilege to have someone who reaches out to pour into our marriage as ministry often causes extra demands upon the spouse of the pastor!

I am a bit apprehensive as I think that I will be the only woman senior leader, which makes Bill the only male spouse! But, everyone is so friendly, I am sure it will be fine.

This is my fourth trip to South Carolina this year.

I went in early February to check out the Learning Community to see if this was something that would give Missio Lux support and coaching.
I took a team of 5 in early May for the first team gathering where we went through a process of discipleship and developed goals and strategies for implementing them in Missio Lux.

Our theme for this year is "Living Jesus' Lifestyle."

We want to discover how to live like Jesus a couple of thousand years after he walked the earth. How do we take his principles and live them out for the Now of our lives?

I am grateful to everyone, especially our parent church, for making this opportunty a reality. I will let you know how it goes when I get back.

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