Saturday, June 6, 2009

The World is Thirsty and Hungry, part 2

Tomorrow is our Celebration and I am so looking forward to our Worship through Service.

We are partnering with COTNI, which stands for Children of the Nations. COTNI has a mission to feed hungry children, as well as many other areas in Africa.

They have developed a meal that meets a child's daily nutrition needs that includes lentils and rice. The great thing about these meals is that they only cost 25 cents per meal! That means that with just a little bit of money, we can make a great impact in a child's life.

Missio Lux is funding 8,000 meals to assemble on Sunday!

It's going to be a fun process: putting the different ingredients into funnels which flow into plastic bags, which are then put in boxes to be shipped with different cargo firms to Sierra Leone.

Our goal is to multiply our intitial effort Sunday into 16 more opportunities, believing that one of God's best stategies is the "Ripple Effect."

We are encouraging 16 different food assemblies to take place over the summer as missio communities or neighborhoods or sports teams or work places agree to take one on. For just $500, 12 people can assemble meals for approximately one hour and complete 2,000 meals.

So, can you imagine being able to provide 40,000 meals this summer to children who otherwise won't eat in Sierra Leone?

These are the types of waysthat a small effort can make a dramatic impact.

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