Friday, June 19, 2009

Decade of 2000

The study yesterday started a pathway of reflection for me about how the past decade has gone for our culture as a whole.

We just have 6 months left in the decade of 2000.

Wow, didn't it go fast?
What did you do to prepare for Y2K?
I had a delightful time standing in line with lots of patient people filling our propane tanks. I don't think a decade has ever entered with such fanfare only to go "plop into nothingness."

But, in just a short amount of time, we experienced 9/11 and the world as we knew it began to shift dramatically. The center of the world shifted to the Middle East. We started a war. We became patriotic, only just a few years later to become very silent about our patriotism as we alienated much of the world through our tactics against terrorism.

But, on a smaller, more personal scale, let's consider: how much technology did you engage in year 2,000?

How many computers did your household own? We had one.
How many cell phones did you own? We had one.
How many had wifi? We had dial up--oh remember that one, the sound of the connection: "You've got mail!:
How many had an IPOD? No one, they weren't invented yet.
How much internet ordering did you do? None.
How much internet searching did you do? Very little.
How many televisions did your household own? 2, we just purchased a second one in 1999.
How many texts did you write? None, texts weren't even a thought in anyone's head yet!

Life has changed.
We are changed because of the advance of techology.

I find myself wishing that we had kept more of the old technology to show our grandchildren someday....they become antiques so quickly now, we pass onto the new without really giving it a second thought.

What changes do you think that we will see in the next decade?
What do you think our culture will look like in 2020?

What changes in practice do you think the American Church will adopt?

I have some thoughts on that, but more on it another day.
Would love to hear your technology quiz results from year 2000! ]
What did I forget to ask?

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