Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's Pinning You Down?

I broke my hand two months ago. I ended up needing surgery to put pins in to keep my left pinkie knuckle at the hand in place. The healing took place as scheduled; the doctor was always pleased with my progress when he examined it.

But, one day my car door slammed right on the place where the bones broke. Wow, did that ever hurt! I knew I didn't ever want to do that again.

My hand was fine except that one of the pins that was put in place to provide protection for healing was now dislodged and was becoming more and more painful as the days wore on.
I finally had to move the surgery to remove the pins up by weeks because the pain and swelling was intensifying daily and making my hand do double healing.

I started thinking about how the pins are a word picture for our childhood defense mechanisms against dysfunction and pain in our lives. The pins represent coping realities that we adopt so that we are protected against the poor decisions of the adults and other children around us. They keep us safe from breaking apart completely.

But, as we become adults, if the pins are still in place, they can actually cause destruction instead of healing.
The coping mechanisms can keep us stuck and in continued pain, rather than providing relief.


Because we no longer need them. We have become adults and can become healthy functioning people. We can let go of those things that appeared to keep us safe as children, but are actually hinderances when we "grow up."

Jesus wants to be the surgeon to take the pins out. My surgeon was my hero Friday because within hours after the surgery, I knew I was set free. The pain was gone and the swelling began to recede. It was worth it to me to go through the pain of the surgery to find myself in a better place than before the surgery.

Jesus invites us to enter into the pain of healing so that we can be set free.
He invites us in John 10 to enter the gate and then to go and find green pastures.
The amazing part of his invitation is that he is also the gate.
So, we are invited on a healing journey through him, so that we will be free.

Missio Lux has foundational ministries of healing and recovery. I just returned from our monthly healing service and am always so uplifted when they are finished because I see how pins gets removed through prayer to the surgeon Jesus. Celebrate Recovery meets every Monday night and many pins are also removed in the Christian 12 step lifestyle that CR models and teaches.

Do you have any pins that are dislodged and need to come out? Respond to Jesus' invitation to enter into the gate where you will find him ready to heal.

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