Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Typical Week in Missio Lux

People sometimes ask me, “What does a typical week in Missio Lux look like? What happens?

Here’s what one month can look like as all the Missio Communities and supporting foundation ministries meet: (check out additional meeting times and places on the website: www.missiolux.org)

Sunday: T3: Families with Teens:
Arbors: Families with Younger Children
Dialogue: 20somethings in Seattle
Missio Lux Celebrations: 1st Sunday of the month

Monday: Celebrate Recovery
Seeds of Hope WA
Living Free Prayer Ministry, Denver

Tuesday: Healing Prayer MC or Worship Service
Seeds of Hope, Denver

Wednesday: Huddle
Missio Lux Prayer Team
Emerging MC: Fall City 5 Loaves

Thursday: South Korea Missio Communities: 2 meeting~not sure of their day!
Emerging MC: Latino Community

Friday: Map Your Neighborhood
Peace Seekers

Saturday: 1st Covenant Breakfast
Emerging MC: Outreach to Polish Friends

A lot can happen when we spread out to share the freedom and hope Jesus offer with everyone. We don't spend most of our energies on the Worship Service, rather we spend them serving as worship.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget this summer we'll be at concerts in the park every Thursday night!