Friday, June 12, 2009

A Kingdom Investment

This morning I am going to the Ivy Cutting at Seattle Pacific University. It's part of the graduation at SPU and it's a lot of fun. You might think that I am attending it because one of our children is graduating; however, I am going because of a kingdom investment that I made earlier this year.

I met Kelly through a friend in November. I prayed on the way that Jesus would allow us to connect. And connect we did. When we ended our first conversation, we knew that our conversation bypassed what takes many years to speak.

When I got home, I felt Jesus urging me to open the door for further meeting. I knew Kelly would be graduating soon, but I emailed her the opportunity to meet monthly until she would graduate and leave the area. I knew that it wouldn't benefit Missio Lux to do this, but I knew that she was worth investing in for the sake of the kingdom.

Our times together were full of kingdom breakthrough. God used me to speak, pray and prophecy important things into Kelly's life. We only met about 7 times, but the impact of them were multiplied many times over.

Here is the really fun part of the story.

Jesus supernaturally called Kelly to go to South Korea with Adventure Teaching (
Adventure Teaching is Scot Sustad's company that recruits teachers to go to South Korea and gets them hired. But, his company is a Kingdom builder because it also has AT Impact in it; the creation of Missio Lux Missio Communities South Korea.

I didn't even know that Kelly and Scot were talking about her coming on board; but when we all put it together we knew that God had raised Kelly up for "such a time as this" to be the Catalyst in South Korea to help create, develop and huddle the Missio Communities.

The point is that "we never know what God is going to do when we make kingdom investments."

Today I am privileged enough to celebrate with Kelly the ending of her college years, but also the anticipation of how God is going to multiply his kingdom through his partnership with her!

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