Thursday, January 29, 2009

T3 Missio Community

Sunday was Missio Lux' monthly Celebration. We come all together one time per month to experience the wider body of Missio Lux, remember our vision and to worship Jesus for who he is and what he is doing in our midst: we tell the stories of what happens in the individual missio communities.

I wish you could have been there. . . .we meet at 5, so about 3:30 a team of people showed up to help set up.

They were the T3 Missio Community; T3 stands for Teaching Teens to Trust.

T3 is made up of families that have teenagers. Amazingly, the teens are often the ones asking to come. They like hanging out with their parents whether they will openly acknowledge it or not. The parents are beginning to realize too that they are experiencing something that they haven't experienced very often before: developing their life of faith as a family, not as individuals going separate directions at church.

This is one moving story of what took place in the T3 Community. They take communion each time that they meet. One week the host family asked a teen to serve it: as he took a big gulp and went around the room saying, "this is Christ's body broken for you" he came to his mother. She had to choke back tears as she realized that this was pivotal moment for her son, for herself, and for her family. That day she knew that her son stepped into a new place, and that is of being a spiritual leader.

This is why Missio Lux is appealing. We have been segmented as families by our culture as we are often driving them to a sports practice during dinner, but also by the Church as we walk in the door and then split off to go to our age appropriate program. It's a treasure to have a memories of growing and pursuing faith and doing missios together, alongside your teens and your young children.

But, back to the Celebration. This month T3 took a step to support the Celebration and they came to set up, they set the table for the delicious dinner that the community made and they helped clean up. It made me so happy to see the T3 families' in action, but even greater it was a gift to see the family of God in action serving those around them.

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