Thursday, January 22, 2009

Map Your Neighborhood Missio Community

This is written by one of the leaders of the MYN Missio Community:

Saturday 1/17 was a momentous day for our Missio Community, Building communities, Map Your Neighborhood.

Our community is about reaching out and helping others in need and helping people build relationships. One of the ways we are doing this is offering training. This training uses a tool that is easy to use and a non-threatening way to get to know neighbors who live close by. The training is called Map Your Neighborhood and is about meeting with neighbors, getting to know each other, individual strengths, resources, needs, and how to help each other in the time of a disaster when emergency help is not able to respond.

This was the first training our community offered and it is the start of something BIG and seeing a dream come to life, Love your neighbor as yourself.

The best part is it is not about us but about working together for the greater good.

For example, we are working together with the City of Sammamish to help them achieve their goal of having every neighborhood ready for when a disaster happens. Residents can take care of each other and be a part of accomplishing the goal of the City.

In preparation to the training our community spent time together in prayer, listening for God, and asking Him to go before us to make our paths straight. Our prayers were answered more then we could have imagined.

The response to the training was fantastic. Before the class was held we received many emails from people excited about the opportunity and thanking us for making this available. There were many reasons people came to the training including looking for motivation, better understanding, planning, and action. During the training there were many questions and great interest. At the end people were ready to take action. There were a few people who live in the same neighborhood and they didn’t know each other and plan to work together to help their neighbors be prepared.

As we completed the training we invited those who are interested in being part of our community to let us know. As I was talking with one of the participants she was very excited about our community and asked how she can learn more about our community. When I said we would love to meet her and get to know her she was so amazed and deeply touched.

We really felt a sense of people longing to learn how to be prepared to take care of themselves, their families, and to be able to get to know their neighbors so they can help each other.

The event was a complete success and we are looking forward to our next one with great anticipation of what God has in store.

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