Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sights and Sounds of Asia

We are about to leave for the airport-after a full two weeks in Asia. I have so many different things to process after being in a part of the world which starts at a very different vantage point than the West. It's going to take some time, but hopefully our time in Thailand and Cambodia will help make me a better global citizen and more aware of how Jesus loves the whole world.

We visited a lot of temples. We went to two Buddhist temples in Bangkok and we spent all of yesterday visiting Angkor Wat and Angkor Thum in Seam Reap, Cambodia. These magnificent structures built as long ago as the 12th century were constructed out of their worship for the Hindu and Buddhist gods.

I heard the statistics of how many Christian followers exist in both Thailand and Cambodia. In Cambodia, it's about 10 percent, but in Thailand, it's just one half of one percent. I keep wrestling with the thought if one is born in Thailand, the chances of knowing Jesus and his love for the world and each individual, is extremely low. How much of the culture affects our ability to know God?

Anyway, these are just a couple of my questions, and I hope we can blog together as we sort through the answers.

In the meantime, I reluctantly say goodbye to Cambodia; a very hospitable culture with a very devastating recent past.

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