Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Missio Lux has a Special VIsitor from India

Luke Lewis, Pastor Prince, and Tamara after the Gathering
Sometimes life surprises us. We think that we are meeting one person and it turns out that God sends us a spiritual giant....this happened at Missio Lux last night.

Luke is the man who is trying to go to India to lead a training for the Sunday School teachers from 85 different churches....he hasn't been able to go because the government hasn't granted him the required visa to go.  So, he waits.  We all wait and pray, as we know that God has big plans for what he is going to do in India through Luke's presence.

Meanwhile, Luke supports two orphan children in India through Immanuel Fellowship Ministries. The leader of IFM is Pastor Prince Thomas.  He was our surprise visitor last night!

Pastor Prince told us one amazing story after another.  He spoke of being a regular man in India until one day he had a visitation from Jesus who called him to go to an Indian state where there is not even one Christian.  He went almost immediately, with no job or plan for support. For three years, he witnessed to the power of Jesus, but not one person turned to follow him.

He was very discouraged and wanted to quit, but one day he sensed the Lord say to him, "Prayer walk around the city and bind up the demons.  After you do that, declare that their eyes are opened and their hearts are softened to follow me."  So, Pastor Prince did just that.

He also found the command in Luke 10 to pray for the harvesters and look for the Person of Peace.  The Person of Peace is one that welcomes you, listens to you and serves you.  They are ones that God is preparing to bring forth a harvest--through their spheres of influence. Because once a Person of Peace meets Jesus, they tell everyone they know and they usually have a LOT of friends!

God brought a Person of Peace into Prince's life and the man gave Pastor Prince an invitation to pray for his bedridden mother in law.  She had been in bed for 15 years paralyzed but after Prince prayed for her she got up healed!  This brought a storm of people into their house to see what had happened and Pastor Prince was able to share the good news of Jesus, who saves us not just for salvation in heaven, but also protection, salvation, healing and deliverance, and provision today! 

That day almost 30 people gave their lives to Jesus and the first house church was born.  It hasn't stopped since....just a little over 10 years later, the Indian State of Haryana, which previously didn't have one Christian follower, now has 265 house churches in villages all over Haryana!

This is what God can do with the power of the Gospel displayed through signs, wonders and miracles, and a man who believes in a God who can do the impossible and a great replication strategy!  

Those of us who were able to spend time with Pastor Prince last night were deeply moved and realized what a gift that God had brought him into our midst!  We can learn from him in Missio Lux and are happy that he is now our new friend!

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