Sunday, August 28, 2011

Celebrate Recovery Team goes to the Summit

Part of the Celebrate Recovery Team at the CR Summit 

Last week six members of the Celebrate Recovery Ministry, shared jointly by Missio Lux and our parent church, Pine Lake Covenant, went to the CR Summit at Saddleback Church in Orange County.  The amazing thing about their visit is that all of the trip was paid for through their missio community funds.  

Missio Lux' 75/25% split for finances is intentional:  75% goes to support their community in their area of mission, and 25% goes to support the whole, which consists mostly of administrative costs.

We keep our administrative costs for website, supplies, resources, and costs for leadership to a minimum so that each missio community has their funds freed up to do their work of mission.  In Celebrate Recovery's case, to support their work to help people heal from their hurts, habits and hang-ups through Christian 12 step.

This is the first time that a significant number of the team has gone to the Summit.  It's been good timing as CR has ministered faithfully, week after week, for almost four years.  That's a long time to show up each week to put on a BBQ and then a worship and open meeting where either a testimony or a teaching is given.  After the large group time, men and women divide up into open share groups where they are each given a few minutes to share what is taking place in their lives as they seek to walk a lifestyle of recovery.

When I asked the CR leaders why they do  continue to show up each week, their answer is usually along the lines of "I get so inspired by seeing people make valuable changes in their lives, it keeps me going," or "It keeps me accountable to live a 12 step lifestyle, which I know honors Jesus."

The final aspect of Celebrate Recovery is 12 Step Groups.  These are also divided up by gender, and are the most serious aspect of the CR ministry.  They are the vehicle where the participants dig deep to discover where they have experienced hurts, habits and hang-ups which has kept them from a living a healthy lifestyle that would please God.  Those that do the hard work in 12 step are able to reach out and help others:  it is the cycle of giving back for the help that they have received!

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