Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down for my Time in San Francisco

I just spent a little over three weeks in San Francisco to be present with my husband Bill, who works in San Francisco during the week and comes home to Seattle on the weekends.  I also went to have focused time to work on the book I am writing about Identity.  

I took a walk each day in the later afternoon and as I walked I made some assessments about the things that I really liked about San Francisco and those things that were frustrating and difficult to watch.
So, here's my list:  I hope you like it!

Thumbs  Down:

Homeless people digging food out of trashcans....I saw this all the time!
Traffic heading to Sonoma and Napa on the weekends
The sewer smell that permeated up through the streets, it smelled BAD!
Almost getting run over by a driver who wanted the parking space I was trying to save for a friend

Thumbs Up:

Being with Bill on a more regular basis than we have had the privilege of doing for the past 4 years
The beautiful view of the Bay Bridge from his apartment
Making phone calls and hanging out at the Bow and Arrow Landmark (built because Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco!)
Enthusiastic Giants Fans
Walking to the Stadium to become one of their fans!
Watching Ryan Vogelsong pitch and get a standing ovation
The Wharf
The Crooked Street
Great Food
Being Close to Wine Country
Amazing Architecture

Great People Watching
Simple life in a small apartment

So, there you have it!  I am grateful for the time gave me time to do the R's:  Rest, Recoop, Relationship, and (w)Rite!

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