Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Saint in Our Midst

Missio Lux has a fan. Her name is Lillian Hansen. Her husband was Ralph Hansen, the first director of World Mission for the Covenant denomination.

Lillian is almost 93 but her thinking is one of the most innovative and creative of anyone that I know. She is also determined. She prays unwaveringly for her children, grandchildren and others that strike her heart!

I am glad that I am one that receives her mighty prayers. I am glad that Missio Lux receives her prayers too!

Laurie is Lillian's niece by marriage. She takes pretty good care of Lillian. Read her recent story of taking Lillian to the doctor:

"On Wednesday I took Lillian to see her doctor because she was out of breath. She is almost 93 and has had three husbands pass away. When we were driving to her doctor she told me she had a dream that morning. She saw everyone that has gone before her and she was convinced that she had died. Then she woke up. The doctor sent us to the Emergency Room.

On the way over the bridge into Seattle the rain was pouring down in bright sunlight. Over Lake Washington there was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. I could see the whole stripe of purple. I really felt it was significant like God was reminding us of his promises. He was definitely with us. Her lungs and the rest of her were filled with fluid and her resting pulse was too fast. I was pretty convinced this was it.

She was admitted and we waited for the Cardiology service to see her - which in two days they never did. But her hospitalist was on top of things. With medication the fluid cleared. Some minor med tweeks helped slow her heart, and with lots of people praying she wanted to walk home on Friday.

She was not too happy with me. She said, "You had to pray that Jesus prayer over me and now I am still here instead of with him." However, her step granddaughter showed up with her darling 4 year old great granddaughter and a new 3 week old foster child they hope to adopt. Lillian held the baby and I think she was a little more happy about still being around."

Lillian longs for heaven. She longs for her new body, but she is not a crochety old woman just waiting to die. She lives each day to the fullest. I hope that when I am 93, I will be just like her. I also hope that I will live like her tomorrow too!

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