Monday, March 14, 2011

How Can a Conference Call Change the World?

I knew Friday that we needed to have a prayer response to the incredible world crisis of Japan's earthquake and tsunami, as well as all the other challenging events of 2011. Think about it, since Jan 1st, an earthquake and cyclone hit Christ's Church, the Middle East in in a major upheaval, dead birds are falling out of the sky, multitudes of fish are washing up on shores dead, and in just a few days China, Bali and Japan had major earthquakes.

The typical response would be to try to rally a prayer meeting. However, in the our fast paced, dispersed culture of Missio Lux, this would be hard to accomplish.

So, I sent an email out through our networks that we were holding a prayer conference call Saturday morning at 8 am Seattle time, gave out the number, and waited to see who would dial in.

Five of us did. They were all passionate intercessors ready to pray--amazingly, from 5 different spheres of influence and location. We introduced ourselves and gave a little background for the first 5 minutes and then we prayed. As I was praying, I saw this net overlaid on the world. I've seen it before in my mind but this day, it was a really strong picture.

When I hung up, I got a heavenly idea!

The web was the way that people could connect with one another easily from all different geographical locations.
I imagined conference calls scheduled for prayer by the people that are leaders in various areas: the 7 mountains of business, media, education, faith, family, the arts, and medicine leading calls. I imagined people with passions for teens or children, for human trafficking, for specific countries, the ideas just kept coming for how a simple tool of technology to inform and conference calls to connect would allow us to gather to pray, despite the normal barriers that keep us apart.

One of the ways to be impactful in this "such a time as this" season is to be strategic, keep it simple and lightweight and look for the relational connections that will advance God's kingdom. I believe we got a good key for moving forward on Saturday. Watch for more!

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