Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Carton of Eggs

Susie has amazing stories to share about God's provision in her life.

She is a single mother of two young children and finances are tight. However, Susie continually tells the stories of how God provides for her in miraculous ways.

Susie is the appointed "dessert maker" for the Arbors missio community. We celebrate birthdays so whenever there is a birthday, which is about every time we meet, Susie makes a yummy cake. Cakes require a lot of eggs, so consequently, Susie goes through lots of eggs.

However, when we were together last week, she told me that she used several eggs and yet, there continued to be 9 eggs in the carton, over and over and over. A few weeks ago, she kept expecting to run out of eggs, but they continued to be present in the carton.


Her provision doesn't just stop at eggs. She gets gift cards in the mail anonymously. She has her highlights in her hair last for a year instead of 3 months. She has calls for random jobs that bring her extra income at the last minute.

Susie inspires me with her trust in God's provision. She is so sure of his provision that no matter how much money is in the bank, or eggs in the refrigerator, she is quick to write her tithe check first before she does anything else. God must have faith in her provision back to him.

Do you think that there is a connection between the two?

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Curtis said...

If you are confident that you are being called to bake a cake you should be confident that the one who calls knows the recipe. I pray for such confidence.