Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hoops of Hope Planting Seeds of Hope for Seeds of Hope

We meant to meet in the Sammamish Commons, but when the Hoops of Hope Coordinator arrived, it was locked. So, off to the library she went, hoping to get an answer, but instead, she found out that our meeting had been scheduled somewhere completely different. It wasn't going to work!

So, the helpful librarian told us to find a space and hold the meeting in the library. We were seeking to hold this year's first Hoops of Hope Team planning meeting to help raise funds for Seeds of Hope.

It was fun to see who came through the door. As the meeting started, we had four eager Pine Lake Middle School students and 3 of their parents. As I shared the story of Seeds of Hope, starting with the Lost Boys leaving their devastated village, I could see the compassion in the hearts of these students. They were ready to roll up their sleeves and work!

I sat there and realized that between the 10 or so people present, we represented a vast network of people, connection to a lot of financial funds, strategic relationships, and that when we take a step to advance an idea, God can step in and bring far more than we can ever imagine.

The ripple effect is massive. Last year was a great start for Hoops of Hope. We saw a few hundred kids, teens and adults come through the door to shoot hoops for Seeds of Hope, but this year, it will grow in numbers of participants, donations raised, and community awareness advanced.

Whereever you are, consider getting involved. Find out about Seeds of Hope ( and our mission to educate Sudanese Orphans so they can become community leaders who rebuild their decimated village after years of civil war. Donate online and tell your friends.

If all of us drop a seeds, one day there will be a harvest of Sudanese villlages that are thriving with life, the abundant life that Jesus promises to give us!

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