Friday, September 3, 2010

Reflections on our Trip to UK, part 3

I can still hear the words echo through my head, "Mind the Gap." We rode the Tube in London several times of day and they do remind you often to "mind the gap." (of course, they never tell you exactly what the gap is!) click here

I realized very distinctly that the privilege of driving for our mode of transportation comes with a price.

The price is isolation.

I loved the Tube because every time we got on, it was like traveling through the different continents of the world in lightening speed. Different languages flittered around the train, people of all ages, shapes and sizes filled the seats, the walls, the isles and everywhere in between. Sometimes the door would close leaving one person on the train and their partner standing on the platform alone.

Many read, others slept. Some stared off into space as they dreamed of other places. I would ask Jesus, "What do you want to do here?" and when I felt that I had heard his heart, I would pray. I would pray for apathy to go and for belief to come. I would pray that Jesus would draw near to those that felt helpless and unloved. I would pray for healing for those that were handicapped or sick. I would ask him to shower the train with deoderant!

One day I ended up sitting next to a Satan worshipper. Of course, my family couldn't wait to ask if I had prayed for him. I did, and when I walked off I looked into his eyes, my eyes filled with Jesus' love pouring into his dark eyes. I don't know if he experienced something different for those brief moments, but I knew that I was partnering with Jesus to bring the kingdom right into that young man's life.

I miss the Tube. I miss the experience of getting my Oyster card out, of stepping onto the train wondering where I would find my travel position, but most of all, how I experienced Jesus drawing near fillling the Tube up with his light and his love.

It was fun being missio lux in London. (a mission of light)

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