Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Missio Lux KicksOff

The past week was important as Missio Lux kicked off our third ministry year. We started out by, of course, having dinner together! We did this in our home as we welcomed old and new friends to experience Missio Lux.

After dinner, we gathered in the living room, kids and all, to worship. It was fun to move around in our worship and then to go deeper in intimacy with Jesus and one another. I was able to give a Missio Lux address, acknowledging our mistakes in trying to figure this thing out, and then to explore our challenges both as a ministry and in our culture, as well as our strategies for addressing the challenges. As we looked forward, I was able to express our focus for the coming year.

Living from the Tree of Life is one of them (see previous blog). As we eat from the fruit of the tree, we develop deep root systems that sustain the growth of the tree. Our trunk protects the valuable life in the tree (community) and the branches are where the Birds of the Air perch (missio outreach and hospitality welcome).

We are also shifting how we live out our monthly celebrations. We are going to hold dinners instead of a "Celebration Service." We understand that people are hungry for relationship and that the most effective invite is into a non-threatening home. We see how Jesus went to a lot of parties and that was often where some of the best teaching and ministry opportunities happened. We are anxious to explore more of how the Lord can show up in a relaxed setting that is intentional to invite him in!

This frees us up to be more intentional about celebrating the highlight days of our faith: Advent, Lent, Maundy Thursday, Palm Sunday, Easter, Christmas Eve, Pentecost. This once again helps us to go deeper in the rhythm that the Jews and the early believers followed.

I appreciate the flexibilty that Missio Lux is able to move in as we continue to discern how Jesus is calling us, leading us and loving us.

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