Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changing our Minds Changes our Lives

I am studying the brain right now.

I am so amazed at how closely our brain is connected to God's pathways for living in the Bible. The more that we align to his boundaries for us: (the 10 Commandments, the Great Commandment and the Great Commission to start), the healthier we become.

One of the ways that we are seeking to align our lives more closely with Jesus' instructions for us is through huddle. This is our intentional process of coming together to ask two questions, "What is God saying? and How are we responding?" in an atmosphere of support and accountability. The Learning Circle helps us to recognize when we have a "kairos moment," the time when God breaks through and shows us something new.

A kairos moment can be positive or challenging, but they are never neutral. They can be an event or a thought or a moment with the Lord in Scripture. They can be an "aha" in a conversation with a spouse or a friend. They are anything that gets our attention enough to take a next step to "reflection."

I had a kairos moment a few weeks ago regarding eating. We had just gotten back from the UK and all the wonderful food we ate there and as I was preparing to go back on a strict eating plan, I felt the Lord nudge me and say, "Don't try to eat like this until you change your mind about food."

He then showed me a pattern. I eat really healthy at home, but when I go away from home on vacations, retreats, and dinners out, I hesitate to ask for what I need because it makes me feel like I am "high maintenance." So, I end up eating foods that trigger my body in negative ways, starting a cycle that sometimes make me feel out of control.

So, in order for me to live the healthy lifestyle that I desire, I need to change my mind about asking for special treatment with food. I can ask the servers, I can let hosts know in advance what I should not eat, I can prepare in advance for trips and retreats if I am willing to think differently about the idea of asking for what I need.

It's not going to be easy, but at least I am on a different track then knowingly subjecting my body to food that is not good for it. I continue to change my mind about food by telling myself the truth: "I choose to eat a healthy diet because of the positive benefits it brings me through healthy heart and lungs, beautiful skin and hair, a sharp and focused brain, positive energy and a healthy body weight."

I share this with you so you can see how absolutely practical the process of aligning our lives with Jesus' life can be, and the tremendous benefits which come from our decision to ask ourselves the question, "What is God saying to me about this situation?" and "How am I responding?"

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