Monday, September 27, 2010

Missio Lux Arbors Family Missio Community

In a couple of hours, the door will burst open and lots of families will come through it. The children are always the first through the door because they are anxious to come and experience Arbors together. They love their friends, they love being present with others who bless them and make them feel important, and they love to celebrate birthdays with delicious desserts! (and we almost always have at least one birthday to celebrate!)

The parents come in after...bringing food, Bibles, guitars for worship and anything else of importance. They greet one another and ask how their weeks went. Today we are celebrating the new job of one of the women, last week we prayed for God to bring a teaching job and two days later she was offered a job in a low income school where many children don't speak English: a desire of her heart because of her heart for the foreigners and the poor. We just may see a great missio opportunity in her new role too!

Last week we gathered at the home of one family who has the responsibility to keep their roads cleaned up from trash! So, we all put on our orange vests, took our trash bags and combed the sides of the roads for treasures of trash! One girl that went with Bill and I actually found a license plate and she was thrilled with her find. When we gathered back together, we had 9 bags of trash, some happy children and a sense of doing something that took minimal effort but made a big difference. It also helped us to remember about our call by God to help care for the earth.

A Missio Community doesn't have to be complicated or a lot of work. We keep making it simpler and easy to be flexible. Michael Frost gives some easy tips in his book Exiles for how to move in our increasingly post-Christian world by:

Share: life and truth with one another by sharing stories and Scripture

Pray: for one another, the community around us and those that God is calling us to reach out to

Engage: people and our culture with the Gospel

Love: one another by eating and exercising hospitality

Well, have to go now and prepare our home for another week full of life!

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