Friday, February 15, 2008

The Rhythm of LIfe

Jesus knew his mission was to come and proclaim the Kingdom of God; which was often accomplanied by healings and deliverances. He spent time mentoring his 12 disciples and empowering the 72 that he sent out on missions.

But, even with the 1000's of people who followed him and wanted his time, his attention and his healing power; Jesus never stopped following the rhythm of life. He withdrew to be with his father. He withdrew to be alone. He spent time with a few and time with the crowds. But he always knew when it was time to change up the rhythm. He didn't let the demands of those around him sway what he knew was appropriate to the balance of life.

How often do we let the demands of life overtake the rhythm of life?

How often do we let go of spending time with our Father because someone on earth wants our attention, demands our attention?

How often do we let our bosses determine our day rather than letting the Lord determine our day?

How often do we fill up the Sabbath with a "to-do list" rather than letting our bodies, minds and spirits rest?

How often do we move mindlessly from one activity to another because we are too tired to feel?

This isn't the rhythm of life that Jesus taught us. He taught us how to structure our time. He taught us to move from time with our Father to time with others to time for rest. He taught us how to not let the pressing demands from others take over the intentional way to live.

Missio Lux values a life filled with balance, focus and simplicity. We value following the lifestyle of Jesus which orders our priorities. We value a lifestyle that moves toward being present with God to being present to whomever Jesus puts in our path for the day. We value the unexpected interuptions because they can be the very seeds that Jesus allows to fall that will take root and come forth to shine light on the world.

Where are you struggling with the rhythm of life?
How can we support one another as we seek to follow the lifestyle of Jesus?

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