Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kingdom Responsibility

I just came home from the dog park where the rest of Seattle was enjoying a beautiful day in the sun with their dogs. I listened to Graham Cooke on the way home. He is a very gifted Bible teacher and I like almost eveyrthing he says, but this phrase stuck to me like glue.

"Your kingdom responsibility will be in direct proportion of your ability to embrace and live the life of the beloved."

What he was saying, is that the more that we live into our kingdom identity as God's beloved children, adopted into his kingdom and enjoying the blessings that come from being connected to the king, the more that we can live out the King's mandate on earth.

I observe that most Christians come from a place of poverty when it comes to living out their Christian life. I used to also, for a long time. But, one day the Lord began to teach me what it means to be connected to him, and it has changed my life dramatically.

When Adam and Eve were in the Garden, the serpent told enough truth that they didn't recognize the lie. What the serpent did that day was cause Adam and Eve to doubt that God had their best at heart; that somehow he was holding out on them and they couldn't trust him.
This lie has been working really well ever since. If we dig deep enough we will all find places where we struggle to trust God. It's in those places that we have the identity of spiritual paupers rather than kings and queens.

For me, it was trusting God with my call. I

was at a Willow Creek Conference in Chicago over a year ago when the Lord began to deal with me about this new call. I ran to my car during lunch and sobbed for a long time. After awhile, I heard a small voice ask me, "You dont' really believe that I will provide for you in this, do you?" I had to admit no, I envisioned myself on the street, all alone, without any funds, followers or connections. But, when I confessed that huge area of doubt, God rose up and filled me with faith. My doubt was gone and my kingdom assignment grew much larger.

I continue to walk in faith not knowing what each day will bring. But, my confidence in God's direction, provision and work in my life is so much bigger than before. Because I know to whom I belong, and I know him to be trustworthy.

What is your struggle?
What is your identity?

Where do you want the King to rise up and give you his plans and purposes for you life?
Let's dream together about what can be when we are all walking in the big kingdom assignments that the King has prepared for us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara -

I couldn't help myself but write you. Any time "Kingdom Assignment" is blogged or written it gets google alerted to me. My husband and I wrote the "Kingdom Assignment" when we handed out 100 dollars to 100 people in our church back in 2000 and got blown away by what God did within our congregation which was the first of many that would then take on the same KA in their church. I love what you wrote about fulfilling our purposes. I just finished giving my youngest daughter a baby shower today and it was glorious watching her and her husband fulfilling their unique purposes like you wrote :) As is our oldest and her husband. Loving being a Grandma.... great gig!

I have had a ministry on the set of American Idol for the last 3 years and boy has it been unique. I thought God was going to send me to Africa, but sent me there instead... crazy :)

I hope you'll write me back. You can reach me through our website

God's richest blessings to you, your family, your new ministry and your daily assignments for Him -

Leesa Bellesi

Tamara Buchan said...

HI Leesa,

Thanks for leaving this comment. I am anxious to read your blog and hear more about how God used your ministry to advance his kingdom.