Friday, February 29, 2008

All Aglow

Tonight, on Leap Day, Pine Lake gave me a going away party before Missio Lux is commissioned (sent off by Pine Lake to be present to the world) on Sunday.

Bill and I drove up and I could see through the windows that the room was "all aglow." There were lots of candles on every table, they did it intentionally to honor Missio Lux (mission of light!)

And, people streamed through the doors, when they could have done so many other things on a Friday night, besides this day only comes once every four years!

I was at a conference today and I came home so low; it seems like the church is failing so much all around the US, pastors feel disillusioned and hopeless, and attendance continues to decline in churches at alarming rates.

But, tonight I was reminded how much God can work when he is invited into the picture. Story after story came through of changed lives because we connected with the Holy Spirit and we began to walk in the unique dreams God gave us before the world was created.

I was privileged to be part of helping birth some of those dreams in people at Pine Lake. It's a church changed because of it. I don't take credit for any of it, because I was just cooperating with what God showed me to do; but it sure feels good to feel like in this time of rapid decline in the church. We were built up at Pine Lake because God's work is alive and well in his body.

This week I transition. I say good bye to the 5 1/2 amazing years at Pine Lake and I step fully into the unknown, not just myself, but with many other courageous souls who are risking the safety of the familiar to step, like Abraham, into the land that God will show us.

I tremble at the responsibility, but I choose to look into the eyes of Jesus instead of at the waves that will sweep me off my feet.

My prayer is that my life will be "all aglow" because the Holy Spirit's presence shines in me.


Marie G said...

Tamara, trust me on this. You glow with the Light of the Lord!

LB said...

And that it does! LB

dave said...

Hi Tamara,

What strikes me is the Mission of Light to the community is interpreted as the mission of life to all who participate in the calling Jesus offers to each man, woman and child. It is crucial; in order to absorb this light in our lives we must stay focused on Jesus. He taught us the way to God's heart is through loving our neighbors which in return fulfills love towards God. What God has placed on your heart is pure and powerful and will be duplicated by many who choose to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Thank you for your daring lead to carry this torch, lighting a fire for the advancement of God's kingdom in our lives and in the lives of those yet to connect.

Dave L