Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Missio Lux. A Lifestyle

It's been hard for some to imagine what Missio Lux is going to look like. Is it going to study the Bible? How will people connect with one another? Where will we meet when we come together once a month to Celebrate? What will the leadership entail?

Today I was with a person and we recognized that it will look like a "lifestyle." Missio Lux isn't about where you go to church, it's about us being the church. Missio Lux isn't about which building or location, it's about all of us recognizing that Jesus didn't call us to go to church, he called us to be the church.

Every day.
Every moment of every day.
As we live into the Jesus lifestyle, we will have a mission of light, every moment of every day.

We won't have opportunity to segment our lives into the sacred and the secular because recognizing that Jesus lives within us and he has given us his power and authority for walking through life; we will know that our lifestyle is to continually shine light into the world.

Missio Lux. A lifestyle.

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