Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Kingdom of God in Action

We had our monthy healing worship service last night. I couldn't help but recognize how much it resembles what Jesus did when he would gather with people. The people would come flocking to him; partly because he spoke to them differently than anyone ever had, he challenged the status quo of life, but he also HEALED them! Passage after passage in the Gospels has Jesus gladly interupting his day to stop and heal people.

Last night after we had worshipped and prayed for those who came for healing, we were back together and we all began to sing "I Give My Life to You." We stood up spontaneously, recognizing that to do the things that Jesus does, is the sweet spot of life. I don't want anything to hold me back from that, and time after time, as I gather with other Christ followers to pray for healing, I know that I don't want to stop doing this . . . .ever.

After we ended, a woman came in the door. She had been lost, driving around and not finding the service until it was over. But, as we gathered to hear her story of receiving news of cancer, we came around her and prayed again. It seems that Jesus always gives enough to make leftovers. Remember the lunches? He does it with healing too. He takes the small amount that we are healing prayer ministers have to give and comes and multiplies it with his magnificent healing power.

May the Kingdom of God Come. . . . .for it is already here in his people.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate so much what you wrote: I don't want to stop doing this...ever.

I don't consider myself one who can offer much when praying with others - I haven't taken any classes or training. But today when I offered to pray for a woman at MOPS who was at the end of her rope you would have thought that I had given her the world. She just melted as she realized God's concern for her. She thanked me over and over and I couldn't help but think of what a lost opportunity it would have been not to offer this to her.

T- Thanks for modeling this so well for all us! I hope we will all be inspired to not ever stop offering hope.