Sunday, November 4, 2007

Major Shift

The other day Chris, the senior pastor, handed me two brochures. One was for a conference at the Lutheran church down our road called, "Taking the Church Home." The second one was from a long time pastor in our denomination who left his church to start a house church. I was rather taken back by the force of what God is doing with pointing his people to go smaller in order to be stronger.
It seems that we've equated strength with numbers in the modern church. The more people that we bring in, the more money and power we have to change the world. Or, so we thought.
I believe that Jesus is pointing us to a different way.
This way includes becoming smaller so that we can actually have authentic friendships that help support us through life challenges, it includes becoming smaller so that we can move freely as the Holy Spirit directs us, it includes becoming smaller so that each community can serve missionally as they are directed by the Lord and their passions, it includes becoming smaller so that money is freed up to use to serve the world, rather than to pay for buildings and staff, it includes becoming smaller so that we can be like the yeast in the dough, silently affected our culture by our deeds of kindness.
I think that this is what our world is desperate to see. What do you think


Gary Peterson said...

This sounds great! I will be most interested to see how your new Missio Lux comes into being. We certainly need something new and what you are seeking to do, Tamura, is intriqueing.

Kyle said...

Really great! I completly agree! I sure love hearing out of the box thinking like this! You are inspirational!

Judy said...

Tamara...It is exciting & refreshing to be part of this vision! This new church is returning to the simple directives of Jesus for us to lovingly reach others in the real world where we find ourselves in the course of the day. We aren't limiting God but trusting Him to lead us to those in our daily lives who really need the loving heart of God to hear them where they are hurting. It is a life-giving adventure for me to share in the vision that He has given you!
Judy Aasheim

Matt said...

Is bigger better? Or are we better in smaller groups? Or is not that simple? Perhaps the body of Christ needs both--large groups that can marshal great resources and take on ministries that would be inconceivable to a house church. Yet that house church may be able to do deep, personal ministry to broken people who might get lost in a large body.
I've been a part of a small country church with Sunday attendance of about 50 and I've worshiped in a body of more than 500. Both have their strengths and virtues--and liabilities. Maybe that sounds like I'm equivocating. But I truly don't think that one size of church fits all.

Laurie b. said...

This makes me think of the Verizon Wireless print ad (found in Newsweek):

Big Risks.
Big Thinking.
Big Goals.
Big Wins.
Exactly What Part of Your Business Is Small?

Exactly What Part of Your Church is Small?

Laurie B. said...

Of course the Verizon ad also notes that having the right, most reliable wireless partner is a big help.

I'm glad Missio Lux is relying on the right, most reliable provider!