Thursday, November 15, 2007

"It takes a Community"

Yesterday we had a mountain of boxes in the gym piled practically to the ceiling. Today, a second shipping container arrived much bigger than the first one, waiting to be filled. Tonight the community streamed through the doors to build the Caregiver Kits, the bright orange kits designed to bring hope to the hopeless; those dying a long agonizing death from Aids.

But, tonight I saw hope on the faces of Americans as they did something that "only a community can do." Boyscouts, brownies, seniors, families, neighbors, Bible Study groups, Mops Moms, Chamber of Commerce, and more came together to put together the mountain of kits that need to be assembled. No one was left out, and everyone knew that it was "all of us together" that made this happen.

It only takes one dream, one vision, one response to God's voice to see miracles take place that only God can orchestrate. But, it takes all of us, partnering together to see miracles take place where walls break down and people discover the church being the church.

Tonight I know that I am walking out the miracle that God orchestrated in my community; and I know that we will never be the same. I will never be the same.

Tell me, where is God calling you to dream about what can happen in your community?


AbiSomeone said...


I'm meandering over from Scot McKnight's blog...and asking God to bless you and your new blog!

Great community effort for the suffering people of Africa, sister. This kind of life-changing activity is so precious.

God has been igniting a lot of big visions these past two years, and yours sounds somewhat similar to mine, in terms of living as the church.

We Washington sisters need to stick together. Love your blog layout... it is the same one I chose for my new blog ;^)

Be blessed,


Tamara Buchan said...

Hi Peggy,

Thanks for your comment. What is your blog? Where do you live in Washington? It would be fun to meet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara,
Thanks so much for hosting us and sharing the great things that are being accomplished at your churhc. What an amazing, miraculous, and eye opening evening! I look forward to updates on everything!!

AbiSomeone said...

Hello, Tamara!

Alas, I am in Vancouver...three hours south! But we can visit "virtually" until such time as you have a need to go to Portland--as I rarely get up your way :^(

My blog is The Virtual Abbess at:

Be blessed!