Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can you hear the fish screaming?

Today Steve Haas, a representative from World Vision, came to preach. He told a story of a boy who loved fish. He invited his friend to come over to play with the fish. The friend accidentally turned up the heat volume and in the morning, the fish were floating on the surface. The boy, who loved the fish, explained in agony, "I only wish I could hear the fish scream. But, I can't hear them so I didn't help them."
This is how it often is with Aids. Those suffering with HIV/Aids in ways Americans can't even imagine are the fish screaming, and for too long the Church hasn't heard their cries. But, it is changing. Today, as I sat there and remembered how I was convicted....after I heard a cry....and I committed myself to wait and pray, instead of rushing forward, convinced I knew what to do.... God answered. He has answered way beyond what I ever imagined. God has brought a suburban church in a very protected place~the backyard of Microsoft, to rise up and do something that only God could have orchestrated.
So, my question for today, is how many other fish are screaming and we don't yet hear their cries?


Dave B. said...

Your blog entry today resonnated with me regarding hearing the "fish screams". All followers of Chritst and especially those associated with Missio Lux should be praying everyday that we would be sensitive to the screams around us, expectant that God will open our ears, observant to the needs God presents to us and that our touch in our community will be as profound and tender as the AIDS caregiver's in Zambia. I also pray that we would be patient to discern God's plan for our response, relying on Him for direction but then reacting with urgency and determination.

Tamara Buchan said...

I love the picture that our "touch be as profound and tender as the Aids Caregiver's touch in Zambia. I think of the lepers in Jesus' day, and how he reached out and touched them, the very thing they needed above all else. It healed them. We can do this too.

Annie said...

The AIDS care givers have a kit with cotton balls, medicine and soap. If we want to be like the AIDS care givers as we live missionally - what do we need in our care kit? Are there ways we need to be prepared and equipped in order to effectively touch those around us? or is there no such kit?

Tamara Buchan said...

The idea of "having a Caregiver Kit" in our ministry here is a great visual. I know that one thing that Jesus is making clear in my life is that people need to be healthy, whole and free. Ministry that brings health, wholeness and freedom are ones that people are gravitating toward and seeing a major transformation in their life.