Monday, November 19, 2007

Loaves and Fishes

I feel like one of the disciples. When I got the vision to fill a shipping container with Caregiver Kits, all I could see through much of the project was the few fishes and loaves. But, I was given the privilege of watching Jesus take the fishes and loaves to create a banquet of delight and wonder amongst the people of the Sammamish, Washington.

Today two shipping containers are full and will be picked up to go straight to Africa. One shipping container is going to Zambia, but the other one is going to Sudan. Sudan has never received Caregiver Kits before, so it is an awesome privilege to be able to introduce them into a country that continually suffers in such unimaginable ways.

We went over our goal. Our original goal was 7,500 Caregiver Kits to a cost of $200,000. For awhile the money was coming in so slow that I just kept telling the team: "Stop mentioning the goal, it is too big and unobtainable." How God must have been laughing at me!

I have learned the lesson in living color that what God calls forth, he abundantly provides. As I walk out this new way of being the church and freeing up most of the money to be available for mission, I believe we will see money come from the most unexpected places because the priorities are his priorities and he honors that.

There is no explanation to the 200,000 that was raised. It didn't come from any tangible source, we only had 3 corporate sponsors, and one fairly sizable gift. The rest came from regular people; being moved by what was happening and being compelled to participate.

Today I am reveling in the banquet that I shared with other amazed people in Sammamish. Tomorrow I am going to dream about other banquets that I will see come from Missio Lux as we watch God multiply dreams, efforts and finances to make loving the world a wonderful pursuit.

What are you dreaming about? Where will you be sharing in God's banquet?

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