Friday, October 26, 2007

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Laura said...

Tamara, Dick Klein forwarded your blog to me here in Tucson and I was immediately enthralled. You are saying what I've felt God putting into my heart through reading that I've done, a sermon by our Bishop at the Synodical convention and just seeing the condition of our world. I chaired a committee that did the same AIDS Caregiver Kit event at our church last month and it was a fabulous experience that was received with MUCH enthusiasm. We are experiencing much internal strife for several reasons, people have left, people are withholding their tithes, we have cliches on unhappy people and others just attending on Sunday then being on their merry way with no more thought to Jesus and his gospel. I too think that missional outreach is where Jesus wants us to be and where we will finally realize the role Jesus wants us to play in this world. Thanks. Laura Lentner