Thursday, July 14, 2011

Healing Prayer Visits Living Free Ministries

The Team from Seattle Walking into Living Free Minsitiries for the 1st time
The reason that I was able to be in Colorado for ACKC was that I brought five other Healing Prayer Ministers to Colorado to visit our sister Healing Ministry, Living Free Ministries.  A few of the leaders of LFM have come to Seattle several times; so we eagerly looked forward to coming to meet those ministry partners who have like minds and hearts!

It was an amazing three days.  When our two teams started to worship, the Presence of God was so tangible that we all felt it.  The joy that we experienced flowed out the door and down the street.  Every participant who came Monday night felt the river of joy, peace and love overflow onto them~the Kingdom of God was present! (Romans 14:17 says, "The Kingdom of God is not eating or drinking, but righteousness, peace and joy!)

Praying for the Moyer Family before their Missions Trip
One of our privileges was to pray for the Moyer family.  This family, that includes 4 boys, were leaving for 6 weeks to go to Indonesia for a missions trip that they had designed. They were going to be working at an orphanage for young girls.  The Moyer family is starting a missio community in their neighborhood as their boys have gone to so many neighbors asking them if they would like to receive prayer. The reason they can be so bold:  all of them have experienced supernatual healing, and now they want to pray for others to have the same!

Tuesday we were able to spend the day with about 8 of their team as we listened to their structure, their vision, and their goals.  We learned how they do  prayer appointments and listened to what God was saying to us about how to strengthen what we are doing in Seattle.  One of our team members got to experience being the participant and she was thrilled!

Tuesday night we were blessed to be invited to one of the team member's home in the mountains for dinner.  It was a lovely evening that we didn't think could be topped, but seeing herds of deer and elk on the way home, as well as a beautiful sunset made the day complete.

Our Debrief at the Park

Wednesday morning our team debriefed in a park. We ended up in a place of great worship as we realize how God is moving us to make ourselves more available than one time per month for people to receive prayer.  We know, too, that we want to do more teaching so that people can know not just the God who saves, but also the God who heals and delivers!

Getting Ready to Leave to Come Home
We finished up our time with Living Free at their weekly ministry during the day.  It takes a bit of a different form, as it starts with teaching by one of the team of teachers, followed up with prayer for those who desire it.  I was blessed to pray for a woman who was leaving the next day to move to New York, but she had been coming to LFM for just one month and it had changed her life.  She felt like God had prepared her for her move through her time with LFM.

Now that we are back in Seattle, we begin the process of debriefing with the rest of the team and praying into how God wants us to move next year.  We realize that our trainings are filled with his presence and his power, and now we want to expand access to those that can't necessarily come to three weekend trainings per year. 

Please pray for us as we discern our next steps.  But, also celebrate that Missio Lux and Living Free Ministries are in a place of great friendship, respect and common DNA!

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