Saturday, June 18, 2011

Preparation for Pentecost

Most of the YWAM Team on the Mountain
We spent 10 days preparing for Pentecost where we traveled up the mountain to meet with God!  Our journey of preparation invovled a lot of different experiences:  three trips to the mountain to worship and to ask God to meet us through his tangible presence on Pentecost Sunday!
Taylor leads us in worship on the Mountain

We blew dried dandelions as we prayed for where we wanted to see God plant seeds of harvest

We also worshipped and prayed in the valley in various ways.  One day, we all went outside to soak in the very rare gift of sun in Seattle in the Spring, listened to a play list of ecclectic music, and journaled our thoughts as we made space for God!  (see my next blog for some of the writings that day)

One of our missio communities, Peace Seekers, also spent time doing tangible exercises with the 3dm Lifeshape:  Mrs.Gren:  Signs of Life!  Each letter stands for the life we need to live a vibrant, spiritual life:  Movement, Respitory, Sensativity to the Spirit, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, and Nutrition.  (see this lifeshape in greater detail in our resource section of the Missio Lux website)

Writing decrees
We read a daily devotional written by Sarah she helped us to connect the dots from the Old Testament to the New Testament for how Holy Spirit was always present, but now at the Pentecost Feast of Harvests after Jesus ascended to heaven, the disciples literally got to fulfill Jesus' Word to them that they would become fishers of men as they reeled in a catch of passionate Jesus followers.

The Sunday before Pentecost found us doing a Contemplative Retreat with Spiritual Director: John Kiemele, founder and president of the Selah Center:  John led us through many wonderful Scriptures and exercises that prepared our hearts and minds for our appointment with God on the mountain!

On one of the last days that we were able to spend with the YWAM Outreach Team, we opened up the book of Esther and learned how to write decrees; which both Esther and Malachi were able to write for the King.  As we learn the know the King's heart and mind, we are able to partner with him to decree those areas where he wants to see his kingdom come from heaven to earth.  Jesus taught us to do this in his first prayer that he taught the disciples: "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is (already) in heaven!"

As we went around the room, it was obvious that this team was filled with faith that God can do ANYTHING as they decreed salvation for their families and friends, provision for finances, and breakthrough in ministry.

As we went through the 10 days of preparation for Pentecost, one of my main prayers was "Lord, bring the power we need to reach the world around us; both locally and around the globe."

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