Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preparation for Pentecost: Reflections on the Deck

One of our Pentecost Preparation days involved listening to ecclectic worship music and reflecting on what God was saying to us.  Some amazing things came foward: here are a few of them:

Mary Ellen:  Write, write write!  Blog and Book to my glory amen and amen!  the enemy of your soul has been defeated and the unfillment of coveredness has been lifted from your new life. Press into the person of Jesus CHrist.  Truth him with  whole heart, mind, soul and spirit. Taste and see the goodnews of the Lord.  Ea that which I give  you so that it may go well with you.  Beloved, Precious, Daughter, Holy as I AM, not what you do but what I do in you and thru you.  The banner over you is love and the enemy fears and cowers at the sight of the banner.  Go forward boldly. 

Megan, 17 from Hawaii:
Do I abide in the vine. Might your word carry the sound that I hear it does.  When will I really believe the truth?  Does truth really hurt?  Truth is supposed to be life.  Has my shallow human mind believed that satan influenced lies delivered to me by God-fearing people?
How many times do I trip over the same foul lie that truth has died and death is painless?  I will lay on the operating table, not to be cut, but to be wrapped in the Vine...and there my faults slip off.

Do a dance for the one you love. Be silly, or else He will get bored!  Go on dates, don't do the same thing twice.  Let's have fun together because my earth life is short.  Let's make the best of this time:  when you are away from home.  Hey, it's not business at all, it's just our dangerous love story.
Sometimes you come down here, sometimes I have a vacation back home.  I like being with you, Megan, a lot.  We can run away to the beach.

Jacqueline:  Go, make roo, be ready, transplant, make level paths.  Godspeed, miracles, upheaval, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.  Be silent no longer, great grace!

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