Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dinner for 15 in 5: Life in Community

Caitlin starting off the dinner that came together in 5!
Missio Lux has been enjoying our time with the YWAM Team from Kona, Hawaii  who is doing a West Coast outreach.  We've spent many times together getting to know one another, praying , worshipping, and of course, eating together--alot!

Yesterday, I got a text from the leader, Alex, who wanted to know if there was food for our gathering last night.  We hadn't planned dinner, but I texted back, "Come on over and I will get pizza."  After the text was out of my phone, I started to wonder, "How am I going to put that together?"  My afternoon was full to the moment they got there.

But, no worries because God is so much bigger than a meal challenge.  I texted a few members of our Healing Prayer Community to come on over for pizza, and within 5 minutes, Dave said he would get pizza, Judy had a cake to bring, Rosemary would bring a salad, and so would Barb!

Sounds like a complete meal to me!  and, the best part is that they all came in and got everything ready while I finished up my work. 

This is what it looks like to live in community with one another.  We know where we keep each other's silverware or water pitchers.  We walk in without standing at the door, waiting for it to be opened.  We clean up the chairs and the mess before we leave.  It's  a  comfort level that doesn't have to wait to be invited.

And, for me, it is an openness with our home that welcomes everyone who comes across the threshold as family.  It is a sense of everything I have is yours....I will share it with you!

We worshipped and worshipped last night.  No one wanted to leave because we had such a strong sense of God's love and presence amongst us.  but, the worship actually started at the table when we gathered around a wonderful dinner that appeared as miraculously as the loaves and fishes that turned into a meal for 5,000!

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