Friday, June 24, 2011

Pentecost is Here!

It started out as a beautiful day.  We drove to Cougar Mountain in anticipation of what God was going to do when we came intentionally to meet with him on the mountain.  In the Bible, when people were serious about meeting God, they went up on the mountain.  Think about it:  Moses went into God's presence in a cloud when he climbed the mountain.   The Psalmist wrote often about meeting God on the mountain.  Jesus got transfigured in front of his three disciples on the mountain.  We went up high so we could pray into the city below us what we believe God wanted us to declare for the whole Pugent Sound Region.

Many people milled around as they finished up hikes and were just spending time together as family and friends.  We began to gather and worship. 

Being in God's creation has a way of pulling us into deeper worship as we are reminded just how creative and present God is through his creation.  We commissioned 10 Healing Prayer Ministers who have committed themselves to be available to God to help pray for his people to be healed and delivered.

Healing Prayer Ministers from 2010-11
After we worshipped, we moved to the edge of the cliff where we could see down into the city.  As we looked into the life taking place, we began to decree what we believed the King wants to do in Seattle and the outermost region.  It was interesting to hear the different things that God had laid on each of our hearts:  some prayers were for a harvest of people groups, some were for justice such as human trafficking, some were for specific community leaders, others were generally for God to move in tangible ways so that people would KNOW that He is God!

I believe we will make "Meeting God on the Mountain on Pentecost" a yearly tradition because it is powerful to be set apart and to be ready to meet God, just as the first apostles did.  When they were ready, they got to see the New Testament Church birthed by a very large worldly harvest!

I can't wait to see what God is going to do this we see our prayers answered.

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