Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello New Decade 2010!

I woke up early today with great anticipation. A whole new decade. A full 10 years that is a blank slate just waiting to be filled in. Today the weather in Seattle is as about dreary as it can be: I hope this isn't an indication of what the next 10 years will look like.

As we enter a decade with a world globally connected, the opportunity to serve the world with Jesus' love is unprecedented. Missio Lux is strategically positioned to move in ways that will bring freedom and hope to our local and global neighbors; the possibilities for what can happen are endless.

I just finished reading "Stones into Schools" by Greg Mortensen. He is one of my heroes of the past decade because he is a living example of what one life, one dream and one call can do to impact the world. From a bitter disappointment and a wrong turn off a mountain, he ended up with an opportunity to bring schools and education to tens of thousands of children, mostly girls, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, two of the neediest and darkest countries in the world.

Our structure for Missio Lux allows for just that level of ownership, freeing up the ability to move quickly to address urgent or long term needs, as well as the finances to help pay for them. The idea of doing this in community with others who have the same passion helps to bring support and comraderie, as well an opportunity for life time friendships into the mix.

So, what is your dream?

Here are just a few of mine: if we ended up with missio communities around the world impacting these areas; my cup would be full.

I dream of communities that have access to fresh drinking water through fully functioning wells.

I dream of communities that have enough low income housing so that no one sleeps outside and carries the reality of being homeless.

I dream of the word "human trafficking" becoming obselete because it no longer exists.

I dream of many missio communities that do micro-lending; bringing hope and freedom to whole villages and countries.

I dream of American communities who have bonded and become prepared for disasters through Map Your Neighborhood Training, and are able to respond with love and care to those around them because they themselves are prepared.

I dream of teens that have dreams and visions that they know that they can reach because they have been mentored and grown up spiritually by their own parents, as well as other adults in their missio communities and given opportunities to serve at young ages.

I dream of Missio Lux representing the whole family of God through presence of different cultures, different ethnicities, different ages and genders and all of them being valued and recognized.

I dream of whole families walking in healthy relationships because they know how to work through conflict and are committed to sticking it out until they reach the other side.

I dream of missio communities that are able to be present for one another through crisis and through celebration; making life richer for everyone involved.

I dream of people walking in freedom because they have been healed through prayer and given a pathway for a healthy life through Christian 12 step.

Most of all, I dream that every missio community, every missio, every person knows that they are deeply loved by a relational God who came to earth to pursue them! I dream of Missio Lux experientially walking in the power and love of Jesus that changes us and overflows onto the people around us.

One thing is for sure; 2010 will bring change and growth. The landscape will be different as the world continues to change, we will too. But, I enter this decade with hope. Hope that what God has started, he will bring to completion!

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Laurie said...

Yes, What a great list! Amen.