Friday, April 24, 2009

A Woman from Healing Prayer's Experience

A woman from the Missio Lux Healing Prayer Community shares about her experience at Occidental Square in downtown Seattle:

I woke up on Easter at Occidental SquareWoke to the song “Mighty to Save” resonating in my mind and spirit.

The first thing I did at Occidental Square was I asked 3 people who were eating in the far corner if they’d like prayer. They all said “yes.” I prayed for each one, and the last person, George, who is in the discipleship program at Bread of Life Mission, prayed for me also. He said such a powerful prayer, I could feel the joy welling up in me, and I couldn’t wait to go pray for more individuals who had come to the park.

I felt such a strong desire and urgency to pray for as many men and women in the park as I could. I marched straight over to the food line and one by one I asked each person if they would like prayer and most of them said “yes” so I prayed for them for whatever they wanted prayer for. Not sure how many people I prayed for, but it was a lot. At some point I asked a friend to come pray with me so we prayed together for some of the women and men there (most of whom live on the streets or in shelters near there.)

This was definitely the work of the Holy Spirit. I usually do not go up to people (men of the street) so boldly, with such an urgency to pray and I usually do not pray alone without a prayer partner. I connected with the individuals there and had a great day praying for them. It was as if I was using my sword and fighting a battle in the heavenlies for those men and women who live there, many of whom were addicts.

At the end of our time there, many of us were in the center of Occidental Square under a large rectangle tent where we sang and gave testimonies, and I saw in the Spirit a huge sword going right over the center of the square! Halleluiah!! It was a victorious day!

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Anne said...

Hi Tamara,
Just wanted to let you know I keep up with your blog regularly and am so inspired by how the Holy Spirit is leading your ministry! Thanks for posting the UNBOUND info. I am planning on attending and hopefully some other women from Bethany as well. We are also having a follow-up meeting to discuss ways to continue to address the Human Trafficking/Slavery issues. Thanks for being so faithful!
God Bless (and I pray for speedy recovery for you)!
Anne Clark
Bethany Covenant