Thursday, April 9, 2009


I was in Colorado for my niece's wedding last week. The trip to get there was an amazing experience which I must share.

Everything about the airport was such a gift~from the shuttle driver to the conversation in the security line, even to loading the plane and feeling such a lightness, an anticipation about this trip and how God was present.

When my daughter fell fast asleep on the plane, I got out my flying tools: my IPOD, my books, and my water. I began to read "Missional Renaissance" by Reggie McNeal, a writer who was very instrumental in helping many people begin to make paradigm shifts in how we walk out our faith and church life. The subtitle to this new book, is "Changing the Scorecard for the Church" so I was anxious to read it.

I decided to listen to the worship leader on my IPOD that led worship when I was at the 3D Ministries Learning Community in February. This is when I sensed that Jesus wanted to spend some very special time with me, inviting me into the holy of holies that I blogged about recently.

As I experienced his presence, one of those moments happened that becomes a sign post in our faith.

I call it Convergence.

I was listening to the worship music from Learning Community, reading a writer that God used very importantly in my life, and then began to read about Mike Breen and 3dministries work in the book, I felt Jesus say, "Look at what I have done in your life to this point." Then, I felt that he opened up the picture to say, "Look what is in front of you and how I am leading you."

The sense of bigness and anticipation was HUGE! The presence of the Holy Spirit opening my spirit to fill with joy was overflowing. My dreams and anticipation felt real and that they would be met and fulfilled.

I won't ever forget that moment as I continue to follow Jesus and his direction for my life and for Missio Lux.

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