Saturday, April 4, 2009

Building the Temple

This morning I ended up reading 2nd Chronicles 5. It's the story of the final touches of the temple that Solomon built as they prepared to move into it.

Building the temple was no small task. It took 150,000 men 13 years to build it.

You can imagine the excitement and anticipation as they prepared to move in for worship. After they sacrificed so many animals that they couldn't count them anymore, the priests brought the ark of the Covenant into the holy of holies.

My spirit just leaped when I read that. I imagined the curtain being pulled open and the priests gasping because of the great holiness that they encountered in the holy of holies. In fact, the chapter ends by saying that as the people praised God saying, "The Lord is good, his kindness is everlasting" and that the priests could not stand or minister because the glory of God filled his temple.

As I was taking this all in and trying to enter into it in my imagination, the Lord spoke a quiet whisper to me: "You are the temple of my Spirit, you can worship in the holy of holies anytime because it dwells in you."

Imagine that?

It took 150,000 men 13 years to build a temple for the Lord, and yet in a single act at Pentecost, we become that temple.

How does this reality hit you? It takes my breath away. It makes me remember how vital it is for me to live the truth of who God says I am, rather than what the world, the people around me and most importantly my own self talk tell me who I am.

Take a moment. Let this truth sink in and then live it out today, tomorrow, the next day and through eternity when we will be in God's glory forever.

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